Designer dresses 

From the essential to the inspiring - here, you will always find a variety of carefully selected designer dresses from nué notes. Our designs are holistic, simple, and perfectly designed to fit your personal style and individual wardrobe. Our clothes do not wear you - you wear them, and you will do it flawlessly. 

No matter the occasion, you can easily style your dress for both casual lunches or festive dinners. Make the style your own by adding personal details such as jewellery, shoes, or a bag. Our designs will match your esthetics in every season. Dresses are always in style.

You will find that our designer dresses complement your personal style. Simplicity and the perfect design is the recipe, which completes the missing link in your wardrobe. Essentially, it is your individual style that brings the garments to life. 

Dreamy designer dresses for your wardrobe 

In our line of Danish designer dresses, you find our selection of different styles. The distinct fabrics, textures and colors create the ideal selection of clothes for your individual taste. Here, you will find dresses with long or short sleeves as well as the ever-popular strappy dress.

The spirit of our designs is holistic. We embrace the simple and essential silhouettes and mix it with perfectly designed clothes. As a result, the combination offers you a variety of possibilities, making the garment an essential piece to your existing wardrobe.

We love a personal style, and we want you to feel like yourself in our clothes. We are positive you will find the perfect dress (or dresses) for your wardrobe. From long designs with short sleeves to short, strappy dresses - we have different designs that fit your personal style to perfection. Make your nué dress your own. 


Designer dresses for every season

For the warm summer days, a dress brings the light and breezy feeling of comfort, while still looking stylish and beautiful. That is the beauty of designer dresses. You can wear them on a casual afternoon with friends or even on festive events. 

When you wear our dress, the simple design looks luxurious and effortless, which is the perfect recipe for personal style. And you can wear and style your nué dress any way you prefer. Even when it is cold outside, your dress can be your go-to piece. 

You can make your dress winter-ready by adding simple additions that will keep you warm and stylish. Style your long-sleeved dress with a cosy sweater or a pretty cardigan, or wear a turtleneck sweater under your strappy dress. You can even wear it with a pair of cool pants. Add a pair of boots to complete your winter look. 

Your dress will keep you warm, even in the coldest of days. Who said you should only wear dresses in the summer? It is always dress-season, and our designer dresses are the ideal style for every season. Explore your possibilities with our designer dresses.

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