our upcycled hand-embroidered nué notes limited pieces are made in collaboration with danish “I TRÅD MED VERDEN”, who has worked on and mended some of our past or broken nué notes styles, to give them a unique twist.

we wanted to give new life to products, making them unique and laying a foundation for a more sustainable, creative way to use left-over design. ITMV has recreated each individual piece in an original way giving the product a new expression or making a repair, both through embroidery.

nué notes have since earlier this year worked on various upcycling projects in collaboration with ITMV, an organization building community for socially vulnerable women. creating work opportunities, network, and life quality for those who has lost their foothold in the job market.

by buying these nué notes limited pieces you both support ITMV, as well as the work to minimize waste within the industry.

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