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At nué notes we care, and we have an important responsibility to do what we can to improve our business and its impact. We know that we, like any other brand or company that brings products into this world, can never achieve complete sustainability. But we can all do more and do better. Therefore, we will continue to work towards lessening our environmental influence.

The past years we have worked on securing a solid foundation, with the information, resources, and partnerships that will help us move forward. We now know that we can surer turn our heads towards the future.

Our work now and in the coming years is guided by our sustainability strategy, which is centred around four guiding commitments. The commitments relate to the challenges we and our industry are facing, and the areas where we believe there is the biggest opportunity for improvement. 

  • People design, cut, sew, pack, and ship our products to make sure our visions are brought to life and reaches our customers' wardrobes. Every single one of them deserves safe working conditions. We therefore commit to ensure social compliance in our supply chain. 


  • Bringing products into the world requires natural resources, something which is growing more and more scarce each day. We therefore commit to take action to reduce our environmental impact and increase circularity in our designs.


  • The pressure on our planet is rising, and we all have a responsibility to make changes to our lives and businesses to counterbalance our impact. We are today working with a CO2 measure concept to gain insight into our logistic-related CO2 emissions. By doing this, we can actively address areas of inefficiency and continue work to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Therefore, we commit to reduce our organisation's overall environmental impact.


  • Honesty and openness go a long way. And we are dedicated to learn from each other and keep improving. We therefore commit to practice transparency in our external and internal communication. 


To make sure we fulfil each commitment, we have developed a clear strategy with a line of underlying objectives and action points that we will achieve before 2025.


Keeping us dedicated to reach our common goals.